Personal Milkers: Getting Started with Nigerian Dwarf Goats

Updated in 2018, this book was written for the newcomer to keeping goats. Derived from two decades of questions from buyers, owners, and students, I wrote Personal Milkers to serve as a personal reference in the barn.

Bound with a coil, the book lays flat, so it's easy to use in those times when you really need it. 
Personal Milkers is aimed at getting people through those first two years; your first purchase, your first kids, your first milk and your first sale.  

Available only from, this book is also available there in digital form. I am working on an audible version, for those who want to be able to listen to it while the work, too. That will be available by March 2019.  The audible version will only be available directly from Hames & Axle farm directly. 

Check out the website for specific information and ordering.  You'll find that at 

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