Oak Hollow Acres Cranberry
Sire: Flat Rocks Gold Miner Gem
Dam: Pecan Hollow Java Coast
Birthdate: April 33, 2010

Kidding Record:
2013  - Twins, Buck and Doeling
2017 - Triplet Doelings

Cranberry came to us from Wisconsin as part of our program of keeping genetic diversity and preserving the old traits.  She's taken awhile to settle in, but has become a great milker and wonderful mother. We're definitely seeing the influence of the Split Creek herd in her, and look forward to working her lines into our own.  Glad you're here Cran!

Cranberry has been bred to our Guthrie this year and I'm eager to see what this cross brings to the farm.  Guthrie's dam is sired by Fall Creek Earl Grey, which some mid-western blood to this southern belle from Wisconsin. Both Flat Rocks and Pecan Hollow are Texas herds. 

The little farm that does....