Hames & Axle Jane Goodall
Sire: Hames & Axle JW Mead

Dam: Hames & Axle's Rachel Carson 

Birthdate: August 14, 2015

Kidding History:  
2017  - triplets, none survived
2019 - triplets, two survived, buck and doe

Jane Goodall is the second step in our outcross program. Her dam is the result of a outcross, and her sire is a 100% Hames & Axle.  I love her general appearance though getting a picture of her is difficult, as she's a fast little bugger.  She is a first freshener who lost all her kids, so the picture shown is just three days fresh, and still very nervous. But you can see a nice set of rear attachments, a good medial suspensory ligament, and time will tell how the rest fills out.  

She is an unusual color pattern. She looks roan in the images, but she's actually a very faint brown and white  color pattern. She has facial strips, but her legs are brown. When she was born she looked like a very pale chamoisee. She reminds me of Meeses2Peaces in her attitude and upheadedness. Time will tell what we'll wind up with, but we love her anyway.  

The little farm that does....