Hames & Axle EG Savannah

Sire:  Fall Creek Earl Grey

Dam:  Hames & Axle Boston

Birthdate: March 16, 2016

Description: Gold with white spots on sides.

This is the first daughter of Earl to freshen here. I am eager to see how she matures.  She's got her daddy's depth of barrel, and her mother's up-headedness. 

These pictures were taken on Savannah's first day away from her kids, so she is really worried.  She is a young first freshener, so we know a lot will change as she matures.

You can see her great rear attachment, and her milk quantity is immature as well, but I really like her attachments, her udder texture, and her foreudder extension.  More time will tell us a lot more. 


The little farm that does....