Hames & Axle FL Spun Honey 

Born:  April 19,2009

Sire: Hames & Axle Feelin' Lucky *S
Dam: Hames & Axle Chamisoul *D AR


Kidding Record:
2012 Triplets, two survived
2014 Twins, one survived
2019 Single buckling

Spun Honey is a sight to see. She is strong in bone structure,
very dairy too. Her grand dam was our Mithral, a great milker with
wonderful production and texture. Mithral was our first Timnah daughter,
so she combined Gay-Mor with Rosasharn.

Honey's udder is butter soft, with great orifices and wide attachment. She stands
very uphill, commands respect when she presents herself. It took awhile to
get kids out of her, but the first two are wonderful gifts, along with her milk.
As she's aged, Spun Honey has taken her grand dam's body type, which translates to "swallowed a sideways watermelon" but hidden in there this year was a gorgeous single buckling. Thanks girl. He's a beauty!

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