Rosasharn's Black Onyx

Hames & Axle Chamisoul *D AR2083

Hames & Axle Limerick Lace

When we brought Onyx to our farm we had no idea where this adventure would take us. We had no way to know that we'd wind up with a farm full of little milkers.  We were blessed to have purchased our first doe from a wonderful breeder and that we had such great bloodlines to work with. Look at where we started, and where we are now.

We have tested frequently for CAE, and never had a goat come back with a positive result.  We used to test annually, but over the years have varied from testing random samples to whole herd tests, depending upon whether any new animals came into the herd, or how much the herd left the property to show.


All along the way we have strived to bring capacious udders and body capacity, We have always worked to maintain a friendly herd, though we dam raise our kids, because no one can do it better than mama.  But our herd has always tested clean for CAE, never had any sign of CL, and our eldest animals are routinely more than ten years old, so Johnes is not an issue with our goats either.


We believe that goats should bring more joy than headaches, so our goats are bred to thrive on less than perfect hay,  We are working toward the most sustainable herd possible, with good browsing ability, overall health, great personalities and better than average milk production.

We have been on DHIA test before, and am working toward doing that again this year.  Though our records won't be in Top 10, it's because we feed local hay, and have made sure our herd has stayed within the herdbook of Nigerian dwarf goats since the beginning.  

The little farm that does....