Sales Policies for Hames & Axle Farm

 When you buy from Hames & Axle Farm, these are what we expect and what you can expect from us.  


1. We breed for Health, Production, and Personality, not Color!  We breed goats, not goat kids. We believe a goat should provide you with joy and milk year round, not just during a show season. Why do we state this?  Because people are choosing animals based upon coloration, polled, and non-conformation traits, which will injure the  breed in the long run.  We want our goats to have "forever homes," (We know things happen, but we want our goats to be able to feel safe in their new homes and not worry about being sold because they don't show well under a certain judge.) 

2. Our goats are 100% Nigerian dwarf goat, no outcrosses to full sized goats have occurred in our breeding program since we started in 1997.  

3.  All our breeding animals are registered with American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA) and eligible to be registered with American Goat Society. (AGS)

4.  Our herd has always tested negative for any CAE, Brucellosis, Tuberculosis and Johnes tests ever performed on them. We did a whole herd test in 2018, and have not brought any animals in from untested herds since then. We plan to test the entire herd of 6 months or older in 2021. 

5.  When you purchase from Hames & Axle Farm you get mentor support from Pat and Dave Stewart, the owner operators of this farm.  Pat is the author of "Personal Milkers: A Guide to Nigerian Dwarf Goat Keeping," and Dave has been her right hand since the farm was founded.

6. Our prices are based upon our belief that a goat should be a reasonable addition to the farm, providing income, milk and joy without breaking the bank.  We ask $500 for doelings, $350 for bucklings, and $125 for the first wether. Companion wethers are priced at $100 each to make it easier to afford to build a herd.  Older does are priced accordingly to their age, milk and pregnancy status.  Older bucks are usually priced according to their age and daughter record.  Discounts are available for animals that are not show-worthy but are still capable of being great moms and milkers.  We do not generally offer "bundles" of goats as we price our goats lower than many other farms in our area. 

7.  We do require a non-refundable deposit for each reservation.  $50 for each wether,  $100 for each breeding animal. In the event that we are unable to provide you with a goat during this breeding season you have the option to hold over your reservation for the next year, or refunding of your deposit. This only applies to a kid not available, not a kid of your preferred coloration. 

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