I'm Cassia's little girl - Hames & Axle Farm's Cayenne born on July 10, 2019. 
My sire is Hames & Axle's Dallas, and my mama is Hames & Axle's M Cassia/ Cassia's sire is Hames & Axle's Mead, who has produced some excellent milkers on our farm.   $400 

I'm Hames & Axle's Quintal, born on May 17, 2019.  My mama is Prelude, and my sire is Chimney Sweep. Who are they? Check out their pedigrees.    $400

This is Stanza, Quintal's littermate, so she's also out of Prelude, sire by Sweep.  This beautiful black and tan sundgau girl is very uphill and tight at the withers. If we were earlier in the season she'd have a higher price. This a great chance to get a wonderful doe at an amazing price. $400

I'm Precious, aren't I?  I was born on May 17, 2019 and though I had three siblings, I was the only one who survived. My sire is Hames & Axle's Dallas and my mama is Hames & Axle's Opal. I should milk up a storm, like my sister Boston.  $400

Meet Ginkgo, a little doeling out of Sassafras, sired by Hames & Axle's Aldo Leopold. Sass is very long and Aldo's daughters have much improved udders over their dam's. Given that Sassafras' udder is nicely attached already, this little girl should grow up really well. You can already see her depth of barrel, extension of brisket and length of body.   $400

Meet Tamarack, Sassafras' other doeling, also out of Aldo.  This little girl is very proud of herself. She's long, sharp, with beautiful angulation.  She's a little more dairy than Ginkgo. 

Meet Hames & Axle's UpDraft, born on May 8, 2019 out of Hames & Axle's Breezy sired by Hames & Axle's Chimney Sweep.  She carries the great length of body that both parents have, and hopefully Sweep's line of milk production.

Hames & Axle's Mystic is a little girl from 
Hames & Axle's Alchemy, littermate to Hames & Axle's Enchanted.  Mystic is sired by Hames & Axle's Chimney Sweep and was born on May 8, 2019.  $400

In a year when many farms saw less does than bucks, we were  blessed with a nearly equal percentage. Because of time conflicts we needed to wait awhile to get them posted, but here they are. 

If you look at the pedigrees on the links provided you can see that Hames & Axle Farm has been built on the best of the breed, from its inception at AGS, and carrying on to the ADGA Breed book. 


You will find only animals that can be proven to be from our stock, with many of their ancestors still living here. We don't show a lot, but we do care a lot about the future of this breed. Our goats represent what the authentic Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat is, balanced, healthy, productive and sweet. 

The little farm that does....