Since the 1940's the conection between food and farm has been widened by highways, supermarkets and now the Internet. While this convenience has been great for the consumer

it has increasingly put pressure on the farmer. Buyers want the most for their money, which they assume means the lowest price, not recognizing the difference between farm practices and responsibilities. As a result we as a nation have come to accept lower quality food because it usually means lower prices. But that has also brought with it widespread food-born illness, lower nutrition and "mystery" products.

Now "farm grown," has become the mystery. What do labels like "grassfed" or 'cage free" really mean? What's the difference between fresh milk and "flash pasteurized?" Finding the answers to questions isn't as easy as it once was, since the USDA works more frequently with conventional, industrial scale farms, while many people want to buy locally grown, which may or may not be a part of that community.

The purpose of this blog is to be a place to get those questions answered. It's also a place for consumers to see what goes into modern diversifiied farms, to learn more about value-added products, and support our small farm, and others. I hope you'll sign up for our newsletter and use me as a resource, on goats, or on farming, or on current legislation that effects your choices in healthy food and an healthy environment.

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