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I feel like my goat herd is the Wrangler of goats. You know, those jeans that are so comfortable and reliable that you wear them without even thinking about them. They’re not Levi’s, but they last. They’re not Carhart’s but the hold up to work, and don’t laud their name on the front, so people know what shirt you’re wearing. Hames & Axle Farm goats have been around for twenty years, bringing healthy, happy goats to people who need a fresh milk supply for their family. They stand near the front of the line at nearly every show they go to, but they compete against the Levis and the Carhartts. We are blessed with some great competition, and because the Hames & Axle herd is run by someone who’s more about function that fancy, who gets around with a limp, they don’t show off as well as they could.

My herd fills the bucket, but doesn’t overflow it. I feed them for sustainability and health, not show. But more than anyone else around the Hames & Axle herd has been developed to preserve production genetics, promote practical production and maintenance, and be pleasant to be around. This means that color doesn’t matter, but we enjoy it. The color of the eyes don’t matter, as long as I see intelligence in them. The name that they carry is Hames & Axle, not one that is recognizable from records or titles. If you look for us, we’re there, but recently we’ve been more focused on maintaining than promoting, producing goats and soap instead of collecting information. But along the way, we have been collecting knowledge, of our goats, of the problems people face, and the knowledge of just how lucky we are to have the goats and the farm that we have.

So if you’re looking for great goats to bring into your herd, that are built on a diverse, productive genetics, bred for conformation and ease of milking, and contributing to a family, not a legacy, then look at www.hamesaxle.com We might have something for you. Our kids aren’t bargain basement, but they’re not sky high. We ask what they are worth, for you, as well as for us.

Nothing’s wrong with Wranglers. They’re good enough for George Strait. There’s nothing wrong with Hames & Axle either. They’re good enough for everyone.

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